Thursday, February 14

Ignore the Banners, Click My Google Links on the Right

With the dismal industry average for clickthrough rates on banners, it's amazing that it still generates news:

Heavy-Duty Ad Clickers Could Misguide Marketers

A study shows a disconnect between the number of clicks on ads, and the number of people behind the clicks. As a result, advertisers and marketers are advised to find ways other than clicks to optimize performance-based campaigns.

The report, "Natural Born Clickers," commissioned by Starcom and AOL's Tacoda and conducted by comScore, finds 16 percent of Internet users click on 80 percent of ads, and those people aren't representative of the general online population. "Close to 70 percent of the online universe doesn't click at all," said Greg Rogers, VP of sales strategy at Tacoda.

I'm still waiting for my dream media plan, one that has no banner placements in it. That would force agencies to put some thought into how to effectively spend the media dollars.

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Asian Driver said...

During high school, I grew up drinking Schaefer beer (1.99 for a 12-pack). The very same beer that was once famous for it's tagline: "the beer to drink when you're having more than one." (The strategy was simple but effective: Schaefer's research showed that a small percentage of the population was drinking most of the beer...good old 80/20 rule, yada yada).

On that note, I think this study misses an important mark. Sure, they may not be representative of the general population, but if 17% of U.S. internet users are clicking on 80% of the banners, that's still about 37 million people (with roughly 13 million clicking on at least 4 banner ads a month). And the heavy clickers are spending 5x's as much online as the average internet user.

I just sent this article to a client of mine ( After burning through 30 million, and surviving the Internet Gambling Act of 2006 (they tweaked their business model to stay legal), they've been struggling to figure out how to drive leads.

Since gambling is one of the categories mentioned here, they may have just found their new lead gen campaign.

As far as everybody else, ah, let them drink Schaefer beer.