Friday, February 1

As long as my kids' Webkinz cash doesn't disappear. Then there would be a mass riot.

This is awesome. Just to be clear, I do think Second Life has established the next evolution of the internet. Although it is about 10 years too soon.

But proof that you can take the internet out of the idiot, but not the idiots out of the internet. From the WSJ:

Second Life pulled the plug on about a dozen pretend financial institutions that were funded with actual money from some of the 12 million registered users of Second Life. Linden Lab said the move was triggered by complaints that some of the virtual banks had reneged on promises to pay high returns on customer deposits.

As if we should be amazed that a world without laws/regulations (even virtual) leads to anarchy. Or at least bad finances. Basically the fake banks used the money to set up fake gambling houses. Which also ripped users off. So Linden Labs shut down the betting parlors, which meant the bankers didn't have anymore capital, which meant the virtual ATMs stopped spitting out virtual cash. Er, I mean real cash, since we aren't talking about play money.

Maybe Linden Labs should follow the government's example and give Second Life users 1,500 Linden dollars as compensation. And to stimulate the purchases of virtual body parts, which is the real backbone of the Second Life economy.

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