Wednesday, February 20

Let's Start With Some Logo Placements and Go From There

So the online advertising spend forecasts continue to grow. Media Week collected different reports forecasting between 20% - 30% growth in 2008.

Which brings me to my theory that this growth isn't coming from marketers who already spend money online. I doubt most of them are increasing their budgets this much. Instead I think it is coming from the big budget marketers who currently spend very little online. And by very little, I mean less than $300K per brand.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of them out there. Companies who you would think obviously spend online based on their product or target consumer -- moms, twenty-somethings, affinity-focused consumers. But you'd be surprised. All the hype around online sometimes can't beat the decades-old media formulas and consumer ad testing black boxes.

But it is getting harder to ignore online media. So you will see these companies slowly start spending online, which should continue to fuel these 20%+ growth rates that seem to never end.

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