Friday, February 1

Stephen is Twittering about the lack of Twittering

I finally found a couple people who will admit to Twittering. Although they can't decide if it is a fad either. I filed it under my new category: "things I am finally too old to get into" -- along with my Facebook page and video IM.

I don't see it going mainstream until a famous celebrity strikes a deal with Perez Hilton to microblog for them. The bite-size reality show.

At least that was until Orbitz started offering their own version of user-generated travel updates:

Basically Orbitz users send Twitter-style updates while they are traveling -- delayed flights, short security lines, full parking garages, airport bar drink specials, etc. It borders on "scratch my day trip to New York and I'll scratch your traffic jam drive to O'Hare" good Samaritan.

But if they attached a reward system, such as Orbitz Points every time you post, then they might really have a constant source of relevant user content. And a social media CRM strategy (sm-CRM?)

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