Monday, February 11

One Step Away From Dial Up

One of my good creative friends from the Dotcom Days dropped out of online advertising for a couple years. He is back into it now and had this great question:

"Why the @*&$$! are we still limited to 30K banner file sizes when broadband is everywhere and I can watch hi-def videos online?"

And he's right. It is sad that our poor Flash developers are still tweaking banner images pixel by pixel to squeeze the file size down to meet media specs that haven't changed since 2000. Not that I think 50K banners are going to make much of a difference in clickthrough rates. But it sure would take some stress off the production guys.

Which made me think about other technical limitations that haven't kept up with the Moore's Law:

  • Try to go beyond text/images when designing emails across standard readers. Forget animation, Flash, even HTML forms.
  • Is there still a valid reason (besides outdated turf wars) that I can't IM a Yahoo person from AOL? No wonder the kids are abandoning IM for SMS.

  • And speaking of ad specs, have you tried trafficking a rich media banner across more than 5 media sites? It's as painful as it was in 2000. And this is with IAB standards. Start the countdown of repeat calls to the RM vendor's tech guy before calling the sales rep and threatening to pull the media impressions if they don't strong arm the media sites into accepting them. All just so the client can see a larger version of their product shot in the expandable banner...

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