Thursday, February 14

Back Off If You Can Click This Bumper Text Ad

So the Auto Show is in Chicago this week, which got me thinking about Google's next move after they shift the mobile industry paradigms and devolve mobile communication into free ad-supported handsets.

The Google Car.

Why not? Any crazier than a Google Phone? Why wouldn’t I want to install my custom Google Maps, Google Earth mashups, and travel-related Google Gadgets into my SUV? Especially when Google offers to subsidize my monthly car payments by serving ads while the engine is running.

Touchscreens are becoming more prominent in autos. And as we have learned, anywhere there is a screen there can be an AdSense buy. I’m sure we all would love to drive by Starbucks and receive a coupon on our dashboard. (My favorite mobile urban legend.)

Although you might want to avoid passing that adult bookstore on the way to your cappuccino.

Not as crazy as it sounds.

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