Saturday, March 9

Muppets to Mastery: UX Principles from Jim Henson

If you are interested in user experience design, then you should buy Russ Unger’s books =
Russ is currently the Sr UX Leader at GE Capital. I’m fortunate to know Russ, and more fortunate to get into his overflowing UX presentation at every SXSW. This year he presented a mash up of Jim Henson’s innovation cycles and storyboarding with UX principles. And the concept of Henson as hacker. Total crowd pleaser. The Fraggle Rock personification of design/dev departments was more relevant than you would expect. The street team approach to wireframe testing was also cool.
Other interesting tips:
Gamestorming =
Omg-wtf spectrum =
Make your own Muppet =


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