Wednesday, March 20

Attack of the Apps

There were more Next Big Thing apps than free beer parties down at SXSW (which is a lot). Here’s a couple that stood out:
Vyclone - social video shooting/editing tool. Collects multiple videos from users near each other, let’s others edit them together into one main video. Like Albumatic, but with video. “CoCreation" was a big buzzword this year.
GonnaBe - social-local-mobile app (or SoLoMo if you’re a digihipster) for planning/broadcasting social outings. SoLoMo apps were all the rage last year, although most have been acquired or folded. Highlight was launching themselves again this year.
Thirst - It’s like Flipboard except it’s, um, well, it’s basically Flipboard.
Bizzabo - business conference finder/networking tool. Probably just waiting to get acquired by LinkedIn. 
Takes - Turn your photos into videos. Better overview is here.
Songza - Not new, but I discovered it down there. Basically Pandora/Spotify where songs are grouped by specific themes. Not sure how defendable a strategy that is, but my 12 yr old loves it.

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