Sunday, March 9

Why Hasn't TMZ Bought Them Yet?

Add this to my list of online privacy doomsday warnings:

Received this cold-call email recently. Of course we are interested in talking to them. Especially our business development team.
Email Subject: Rapleaf append. 130 million people

Dear Stephen,

Rapleaf searches publicly available info on the Internet and has compiled deep profiles on over 130 million people. I thought you or someone at DraftFCB might be interested – hopefully this is something that can help your customers.

On any given person, Rapleaf can tell you what social networks and commerce sites they use, their demographic info (age, location, gender, etc.), psychographics (like favorite movies, music, etc.), interests, who their friends are, social web footprint info, and more. And we can even will you a person's social graph (who a person knows).

If you or another person at DraftFCB is interested in learning more about what we're doing at Rapleaf, we'd be honored to set up a quick phone call (we're in San Francisco).

Would this be something of interest to you?

- Auren
Is it any different from spam because they know my name and employer? True direct-marketing junk email? Or just personalized spam? Any difference, really?

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Asian Driver said...

Just another reason to keep profiles set to the highest privacy settings; use multiple online identities and email addresses; and because that surely isn't enough, use IP cloaking software and hang garlic on your digital door.