Sunday, March 9

My Next Home Video Takes Place in Tiffany's

Click my home video to buy the toy my kid is playing with, and the Ralph's World CD he is dancing to, and the dress Jennifer Aniston is wearing in the Friends episode playing on the TV in the background...

Amazon mashes up video reviews and affiliate marketing:

Amazon Launches Video Widget Program For Affiliates

Amazon has launched a service for registered Amazon affiliates to upload videos, and then select products to can be displayed with them.

The Amazon Your Video Widget program has not launched with a destination portal--and so, for the time being, will not be competing directly with the YouTubes of the world. Your Video Widget welcomes a range of video from product review to personal family video, which are then monetized with ads paid as a percentage of generated sales rather than on a Cost-Per-Click or CPM basis.

Affiliates participating in the new program are restricted from including URLs in their video, along with availability, price, or alternative shipping information for products featured in the videos.

Gives a new purpose to all those unboxing videos.

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