Tuesday, February 24

No Shit Sherlock headline of the day

My newsreader must have gone through a wormhole last night:

Firing SQAD: Data Firm Sets 'CPM' As Online Ad Metric

In a move that will likely align the ROI of online advertising more closely with that of traditional media such as television, an influential source of media marketplace data this morning announced it will use Madison Avenue's long-standing CPM, or cost-per-thousand, metric as the "currency" for tracking online advertising.

"Since there is currently no industry-standard equivalent to cost-per-point in the Web display space, we elected to focus on CPM in the initial WebCosts release," Neil Klar, CEO of SQAD says of the company's rationale, which came after discussions with the AAAA's influential Media Policy Committee.

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Anonymous said...

So basically they've finally figured out that the internet does not change the fundamentals of business? Thought we all learned that in 2001.