Monday, January 5

There's an Android in My TV!

Well, maybe not quite yet. But it is coming, if this blogger's sleuthing is true:
Android netbooks on their way, likely by 2010
Imagine the billion dollar market at stake here if Google can make good on this vision. Netbooks are basically small-scale PCs. For Silicon Valley myriad of software companies, it means a well-backed, open operating system that is open and ripe for exploitation for building upon. Now think of Chrome, Google’s web browser, and the richness it allows developers to build into the browser’s relationship with the desktop — all of this could usher in a new wave of more sophisticated web applications, cheaper and more dynamic to use.
Google has excelled at spreading their ad serving technology way beyond websites into mobile, print, radio, and even TV. Imagine when they achieve the same success with their system software.

An internet-enabled TV running Android and serving Google ads? Hmmmm...

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Anonymous said...

The UI will be in flash