Wednesday, November 19

iTV Urban Legend Debunked!

The CyberProphets (e-prophecies?) were right about one thing. You can now order a pizza through your TV. It will probably take 3 times as long compared to using the phone, as my wife will no doubt point out. But who says technology has to make everything faster and easier?

Now I just need to:

1) Get that latte coupon sent to my phone when I walk past Starbucks
2) Order Jennifer Aniston's dress by clicking her during a rerun of Friends
3) Have provide an accurate and unexpected Wish List recommendation

Then I will consider all my technology needs fulfilled.


Akash said...

You should be awarded the best use "VMX chart" in blog post ever.

I also have been waiting for CyberProphecy of geo-targeted mobile marketing offers to come alive. I feel like Bluetooth is happy being an ear accessory and gave up.

slackmo said...

I saw that dress. It is so not you.

Anonymous said...

Well, we've been waiting for jet packs since the 60's and now just a mere 50 years later there's finally a prototype. ( I guess that means decent amazon suggestions should be showing up around 2048.