Friday, October 24

Best "Worst Advice" of the Week

eMarketer = Getting Clever with Social Media
“Suppose I’m selling Coke, and my ad appears next to a naked schoolgirl. Are people really not going to buy Coke? Allow yourself to make some mistakes. When you make them, apologize and fix them, and learn from them,” Ms. Dyson continued. “It’s not the worst thing in the world to have an ad that flops or a spokesperson who goes bad on you—if you listen to the feedback and fix it.”

From someone who obviously isn't:

1) The brand manager who has to explain this to the CMO, after the screengrab gets emailed to them by their PR agency

2) The agency Media Director who has to write the explanation for the brand manager (then makes a mental note to not invite the PR team to the next client dinner)

3) The media sales rep who has to quantify the "make up goods" that rectifies brand association with body parts, so the Media Director has some good news to tell the brand manager, who then can end their CMO conversation with "on the plus side..." (and then makes a mental note to invite the PR team to the next agency dinner)

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